Saddle StitcherThe Finishing Touch

Ask most printers about their company and most will start telling you about their latest and greatest electronic prepress gizmo, operating at gazillion gigahertz speeds with mega-terabytes of online storage, or perhaps the may tell you about their latest pressroom acquisition. Few will start off telling you about their bindery. This is only natural because cutting edge technologies are new, exciting and, let's face it, sexy. The other reason is that most printers do not have much in bindery capabilities beyond cutting and folding paper. To be a true bindery requires more.

In our 100 years of business we have accumulated a wide range of experience and equipment in our bindery. We have experience with the common operations such as cutting, folding and saddle stitching as well as the more exotic such as die cutting, gluing, tape application, perfect binding and a host of other finishing operations too numerous to mention here. Our range of equipment rivals that of many trade binderies. We have a special knack for figuring out cost effective ways to meet your needs, we have even custom built and modified machines to perform tasks for which no machine was readily available. This kind of commitment allows us to take great pride in our bindery.

Duct Tape, Steel Strapping and Imagination

Bindery equipment, with a few exceptions, are relatively primitive mechanical devices. They rely upon gears, belts and rollers to do their work. Bindery equipment is also often called upon to exceed it's original specifications. We constantly persuade them to perform tasks they were never designed to do, through the use of a little puff of air here, a gentle nudge there and often with a piece of steel strapping secured with duct tape! Imagination and creative solutions is what makes our bindery different from those of our competition. Our craftsmen have years of experience coaxing their machines to perform wonders. Let us put our years of experience to help provide practical solutions for you.