BookWe Love Books!

The craft that we have dedicated our lives to was invented for the purpose of creating books. Gutenberg's invention of moveable type and the development of the printing process is universally regarded as the most important invention of the last millennium. With the widespread availability of books man pulled himself out of the dark ages into the light and the world of science and technology exploded, making life better for everyone. This awesome heritage is a source of great pride, so naturally, books hold a special place in our hearts.

IT support not required

Many think the time of the printed book is over and that paper is passe, we beg to differ. Ebook readers, iPads and their brethren are without a doubt are a great leap forward but they lack the appeal and readability of a well made book. Books provide the reader with a much richer experience, the feel of the paper, the rustle of the pages and the comforting aroma that take us back to simpler times. Romance aside, books are universal, there are no compatibility issues, license files or technical glitches and IT support is not required. Will your Kindle still be working 5 years from now, much less after a few centuries? Printed books are are lasting testament and command greater respect and if you drop them, they don't break.

If you share our love of the printed word or even if you don't, please consider us for your book, catalog or other bound projects. The staff in our bookbindery is experienced and equipped to produce numerous binding styles. Let us put our passion for books to work for you.