Our Products

Printing is a centuries old craft. Ink on paper is a pretty basic concept it is only the technology to accomplish the task that changes. As the techniques have changed the process has become cheaper, faster and more colorful with every development. The products that we produce can be anything from the ubiquitous business card to giant size posters. Below are just a few of the more common types of products we can provide but our favorites are the ones that are not on the list. Contact us today and let us show you new ways to grow your business.

Separating from the Pack

In today's world it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to differentiate themselves. Many products and services, including printing, have become commodotized. Your company's product may be just like like the competition's, but your company is not. Printed promotional pieces are a great way to get a potential client's attention and show them that your company is superior to your competitors.

Lee Printers has vast knowledge garnered from years of experience that can be used to your advantage to design and produce eye catching yet practical promotional materials. Our wide range equipment allows us turn a basic material like paper into a wide variety of shapes and sizes that will capture the imagination and impress potential clients.

Beyond the Rectangle

One of the most versatile tools that we use is die cutting. This process allows us to cut irregular shapes and add scores or perforations. Coupling die cutting with our automated gluing process and we turn flat pieces of paper into 3 dimensional shapes. Basic application of these processes are items such as presentation folders, table tents and boxes. More elaborate items such as pop-ups, or even Christmas ornaments that fit into an envelope can be produced by applying the proper amount of imagination. The possibilities are nearly endless, let us show you how we take printing into the third dimension.